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Design engineering

I came to Indeed because I was excited about how their design organization was being built. They were hiring for the type of position I really wanted — a role that involved designing and developing to generate and validate new ideas.

As a design technologist I worked with teams around the country and in Japan to build research prototypes and brand new UIs for greenfield projects.


Indeed is a data-driven company. The impact of everything we launch is closely scrutinized in our business metrics.

Setting audience allocations for an experiment

To track all this data, we use several purpose-built internal tools. For the most part, the user experience of these tools was an afterthought. I worked with our User Insights team to create a brand new tool that tied all our experiment tracking data and management functionality together in a more approachable experience.

I worked with a UX designer and a researcher who delved into discovering the pains points of our customers (internal product managers and decision-makers). I was able to use code to bring responsiveness to the design, animation to guide the user through the experience, and help engineering migrate my UI code into production.

Comparing one UI test variant to the control

We also prototyped features that would show the visual changes between experiment variants alongside the data, to help people make more informed decisions about changes in Indeed's user interface.

Job search Japan

Japan is the second biggest job market after the U.S., but it's very hard to break into due to Japan-specific hiring practices and job seeker expectations.

Screens from the Japan-specific job search prototype

I prepared a Japan-specific mobile design for user research for our dedicated Japan product team. It was a great chance to learn about Japanese job seekers and the design sensibility of web products in Japan.

Design system

I joined the design system team to improve and extend Indeed's component library. From developer feedback we saw the need for a more modern, flexible, and composable design system.

The design system website

I helped the team explore options for development, particularly around the possibility of supporting both existing Indeed brand language and a new brand that was being developed around the same time.


After a couple years I became the manager for design engineering in the Enterprise division. I'm leading our division's effort to comply with the WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standard, promoting adoption of the new design system and brand language, and helping design technologists and UX developers do their best work.